Thugs, Mugs, & Dogs

Synopsis: It’s the MUTT’S NUTS!

A dark, yet humorous gangster film full of northern grit, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS centres on ruthless businessman, Gordy Metcalf who owns the best greyhound in the country and is married to the lustiest and bustiest wife on either side of the Watford Gap!

Council estate lad Danny and his pals, find their lives endangered by the decade-long feud between Gordy and an ex-greyhound trainer. The hapless trio find themselves trapped between both sides, with all thoughts of escape futile. They can die tomorrow or stay alive for few more months, the latter being the lesser of two evils.

With a heart-stopping culmination filmed at Europe's richest greyhound race at Peterborough's Fengate Stadium, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS features an all-star cast led by Dave Courtney (The Krays, Triads, Yardies & Onion Bhajees), Paul Usher (Brookside, The Bill), Cathy Barry (Diary of a Milf), Thomas Craig (Coronation Street) and Lisa Riley ( Emmerdale). Set against the industrial back-drop of the North-East, THUGS, MUGS & DOGS is the most talked about northern crime film since the original GET CARTER.

Title: Thugs, Mugs, & Dogs
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Cast: Dave Courtney, Lisa Riley, Paul Usher, Thomas Craig
Production Country: United Kingdom
Directed By: Mike McCarthy
Film Duration: 135 min.

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